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Ботокс не греет

Это Навальный на митинге сказал. И он, кстати, прав.
Чисто с медицинской точки зрения, ботокс парализует, расслабляет и сушит.
Все от дозы зависит.

Добавлю, для улыбчивых
Ботокс влияет на эмоции, вот статейка, дальше только по англицки.

The effects of BOTOX injections on emotional experience.

Davis JI, Senghas A, Brandt F, Ochsner KN.


Department of Psychology, Barnard College of Columbia University, New York, NY 10027, USA.


Although it was proposed over a century ago that feedback from facial expressions influence emotional experience, tests of this hypothesis have been equivocal. Here we directly tested this facial feedback hypothesis (FFH) by comparing the impact on self-reported emotional experience of BOTOX injections (which paralyze muscles of facial expression) and a control Restylane injection (which is a cosmetic filler that does not affect facial muscles). When examined alone, BOTOX participants showed no pre- to posttreatment changes in emotional responses to our most positive and negative video clips. Between-groups comparisons, however, showed that relative to controls, BOTOX participants exhibited an overall significant decrease in the strength of emotional experience. This result was attributable to (a) a pre- versus postdecrease in responses to mildly positive clips in the BOTOX group and (b) an unexpected increase in responses to negative clips in the Restylane control group. These data suggest that feedback from facial expressions is not necessary for emotional experience, but may influence emotional experience in some circumstances. These findings point to specific directions for future work clarifying the expression-experience relationship.

Полный текст здесь

И много чего лечит

[Clinical application of botulinum toxin].

[Article in Japanese]
Mezaki T.


Department of Neurology, Sakakibara Hakuho Hospital, Mie, Japan.


The clinical application of botulinum toxin (BoNT) was first proposed by Justinus Kerner in 1822. BoNT was formally accepted as a therapeutic agent in the 1970s, and currently, it is used worldwide for treating diseases as well as for cosmetic conditions. In Japan, Botox® is the only type A formulation that has been officially approved for the treatment of blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, cervical dystonia, pes equinus of cerebral palsy, adult spasticity of upper and lower limbs, and Botox Vista® is applied for glabellar frown lines. Its effect is symptomatic, but long-lasting remission is noted after treatment in more than 30% of cases with cervical dystonia. Ultrasound guidance is useful and may be even superior to electromyographic monitoring, especially when the obliquus capitis inferior muscle is targeted in rotatocollis, because the vertebral artery or upper cervical nerve root(s) may be injured when the needle penetrates the muscle. BoNT alleviates pain or glandular secretion besides causing a neuromuscular block. After being transported to the axons, BoNT is carried centrally and even to the adjacent neurons via synapses (toxin jump). A direct central action has also been postulated. BoNT is generally safe, but serious adverse reactions may occur very rarely. Individual differences in toxin sensitivity may be considerably greater than assumed, and even the routine clinical dose may be too high in some patients. The future strategy includes clinical application of other types of toxin or chimera toxins, or the use of the toxin as a cargo ("Trojan Horse") carrying some bioactive molecules into the cell. A non-injection procedure for mucosal application or cosmetic use is currently under clinical trials.


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